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An Introduction: 
Hello and Welcome: Hold on, don't click away! This newsletter isn't about selling. It's my avenue to connect with my valued collectors and fans in a more engaging, less social media-driven, and personal manner. Starting this year, I'm launching a quarterly newsletter to keep you in the loop about recent developments and upcoming projects. If you're curious about what's happening in my studio, simply keep reading!
What is 3/3/3? 
Throughout January, I'm opening up the floor for your creative ideas on what to paint on these impressive 3-foot squares.
Share your thoughts here and let me know what you'd love to see come to life on canvas. At the end of January, I'll be choosing three winning ideas, and those lucky contributors will not only get the satisfaction of inspiring the artwork but also snag first dibs on the finished pieces at a special discounted rate. 💰✨
Hint: Currently vibing with skulls, bugs, and florals, but I'm all ears for your imaginative suggestions! If you're up for a creative collaboration, drop your ideas below and let's make 2024 a year of shared artistry!
New Blog Launch
Read my first blog post about being one of the recipients of the Kallenberg Artist Tower Residency for Visual Art here.
 Boom or Bust Byway Semi-Finalist
Click here to learn more about the upcoming public art installations in North Louisiana.
But wait, there's more!
January has me deep in prep mode, and after a much-needed holiday breather, I'm back in my studio, brush in hand, and ready to dive into the canvas. Currently, I've got the creative chaos going with four paintings gracefully juggling on three easels!
🖤 Anti-Valentine's Day Exhibit at Stray Cat:

Two of these pieces are for the Anti-Valentine's Day Lonely Hearts Club Group Exhibit at Stray Cat in February. I'm stoked to add my twist to this unconventional celebration. (Pssst... more details here).
🌸 R.W. Norton Art Gallery's Bloom! Exhibition:

The other duo? They're my entries for the R.W. Norton Art Gallery's annual juried Bloom! exhibition. Last year's "Late Bloomer" was such a hit; they used it in banners outside the museum and for the 2024 artist call. The excitement is real!
February's Canvas Collaboration:

February kicks off with the birth of ✨new work. I'm currently crafting three large canvases set to debut at Market on Line very soon. I'm loving calling this the 3/3/3 Collab. Also, save the date - February 1st is when my hand-painted Valentine's Day art cards hit the virtual shelves. Affordable, filled with love, and ready to charm your special someone.
🌷 March Murals and Special Projects:

As Spring creeps in with March, I'll be grabbing my brushes for a new mural in a cherished Shreveport spot (shhh, details under wraps for now). So, keep an eye out for a burst of color near your favorite eatery! March also brings a special project close to my heart, unveiling for Women's History Month.
For more frequent updates on the art studio shenanigans and a glimpse into life beyond the canvas, hop over to my Instagram & Facebook. Cheers to a year brimming with color and creativity!
Stay Inspired,

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