🎨 Wet Paint Arts Newsletter - Spring Update! 🌷

Whitney Tates

Last Quarter:

In January, we kicked off the year with a bang! I dove into creating new artwork, which found its way into the hands of art enthusiasts like yourself. Excitingly, I secured spots in several art shows in Shreveport and Monroe. I even landed an art residency (happening this summer) along with a public art commission. Keep an eye out for my design gracing the Boom or Bust National Scenic Byway - I'll keep you posted on the installation date!

The momentum continued in February as I focused on enhancing my social media presence. Plus, I launched the Wet Paint Arts Collector’s Club on Facebook - an exclusive community for art lovers like you. Join us here, if you're eager to connect and delve deeper into the world of art collecting: https://www.facebook.com/groups/866217128846296

After pushing myself hard, I needed to recharge in March. Though I took a brief break, I still managed to contribute by creating signage for a local church and delving into a vibrant mural project at Madison Park. Meanwhile, the 3/3/3 Collab kept me creatively engaged.


My Bloom Story

Read about how it feels to be juried into my 4th year of Bloom @ the R. W. Norton Art Gallery here.

This April, all original artworks and limited edition prints are 33% off! Enjoy :)

But wait there's more!

April: As the weather warms up, catch me at Korner Lounge on 4/20 for Queerport festivities. Swing by Madison Park to chat while I bring a new mural/selfie wall to life. Plus, keep an eye out for desert-themed artwork inspired by my upcoming trip to New Mexico. 

June: Summer heats up with the two-day Black Art Event: Artish. Stay tuned for more details! Additionally, you can catch my artwork displayed at Uptown Rhino, with an artist reception and talk coming soon. 

Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey. I'm thrilled to continue sharing my passion with you. Keep an eye out for more updates and exciting releases! Follow me on Instagram, Facebook & TikTok for real-time updates and behind-the-scenes peeks!

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