🎨Embarking on Artistic Horizons: A Shreveport Residency

Whitney Tates Art Residency Awards

December 2023 marked a significant milestone for my artistic journey – an exhilarating opportunity for growth and creative exploration. I am thrilled to share that I secured a Shreveport-based art residency, a coveted honor and my second residency to date.

For one immersive week, I will reside at the Kallenberg Artist Tower, a hidden gem situated behind the Shreveport Regional Arts Council headquarters, famously known as the Art Station. Nestled in the heart of Shreveport, this residency promises a unique environment to fuel my creative spirit and delve deeper into the narratives of my work.

Following my residency, brace yourself for an engaging artist talk where I'll peel back the layers of my artistic journey, sharing the stories behind my creations and the meaningful connections forged with collectors.

And there's more to anticipate! Stay tuned for an exciting workshop, tentatively titled "The Art of Symbolism: Exploring the Meaning Behind Shapes, Colors, and Subjects in Art." Join me in late Spring/early Summer for an immersive exploration into the fascinating world of artistic symbolism.

This residency is more than a stay; it's an opportunity to share, learn, and connect. Join me on this enriching journey as we explore the depths of creativity and symbolism together. 🎨✨ 

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